Wedding Season is a new Disney+ dramedy series starring Dublin actor Gavin Drea. Here, John Byrne talks to him and the show's creator Oliver Lyttleton.

Drea has featured in a variety of dramas in recent years, most notably as Michael Collins in the 2019 RTÉ One series Resistance. But his role in Wedding Season offered him a chance to show his comic chops.

This new dramedy has Dubliner Gavin Drea starring as the seemingly innocent Stefan, who finds himself in a truly remarkable situation.

He meets Katie (Rosa Salazar) and they fall for each other after meeting at a wedding and begin an affair, despite Katie being engaged to someone else.

Two months after the pair meet, Katie celebrates her own wedding, during which her new husband and his entire family are murdered.

Following the deaths, the police suspect Stefan, while Stefan believes Katie is responsible.

"I've done a lot of dramas in the last few years," he says. "So, to get a chance to kind of flex the funny bones and do the comedy side of things is something I'm very excited about."

Wedding Season is on Disney+ from Thursday September 8.