Former Girls Aloud member Cheryl has said she still cannot quite believe the death of bandmate Sarah Harding is real.

Ahead of Cancer Research's Run For Life For Sarah in London's Hyde Park on Sunday, the singer said: "It doesn’t feel like she’s gone at all."

Cheryl said: "To be honest, I’ve never experienced or anticipated this grief.

"You know, I’ve lost grandparents when I was younger and I lost a friend when I was younger but nothing like this, the feeling of shock and disbelief and it still lingers now to be honest. I still can’t quite believe it’s real."

When asked if a Girls Aloud reunion without Harding could be a possibility, Cheryl: "It hasn’t even been a year. It doesn’t feel like she’s gone at all."

Sarah Harding

Hundreds of people gathered in Hyde Park on Sunday morning to take part in Race For Life For Sarah, a Cancer Research 5k run in memory of Sarah Harding.

Harding died at the age of 39 in September, a year after revealing she had breast cancer.

Her bandmates Nicola Roberts, Cheryl and Nadine Coyle were at the event wearing pink T-shirts with Race For Life wording.

A huge crowd dressed in pink - many with pink died hair, wigs, and even pink tutus - took part in London, with other runners across the country pledging to join in remotely to help raise funds.

Cheryl (right) at the Race For Life For Sarah

Speaking ahead of Race For Life For Sarah, Nadine Coyle said she was "in denial" about Sarah Harding's illness.

"This time last year we were actually hanging out," she said. "We all met up last year. She was there and we were talking and she didn’t even seem that sick.

"I was in denial the entire time and was the friend that was 'Oh, it’s gonna be all right’, you know, I was completely in denial right up until the day she passed."

Her remark prompted Nicola Roberts to say to her: "Also we were concerned for your denial.

She added: "Like I think for me, I felt like I’m worried for you that you’re not so present."