Louise Thompson says she has experienced times when she felt she was "not alive" after going through multiple traumatic incidents and struggling with ongoing mental health problems.

The Made In Chelsea star, 32, said her brain had "basically shut down" and she had experienced panic attacks "back to back".

In a video posted to Instagram, she spoke candidly about her experiences over the past few months but reassured viewers also struggling that they were "not alone," saying she wanted to "give them hope".

It comes less than a week after Thompson was admitted to hospital for the second time in a month to be treated for mental health issues, saying she would be taking a break from social media.

She told viewers that despite appearing "well presented, put together and happy" in her video, it had taken her six attempts to record and things had been "really bad" for her recently.

"Mental health is the most cruel, invisible disease out there but I want you to know you are not alone," she said.

"You can never predict (it), you never think these things will happen to you I had everything and it's all been completely ripped away from me."

Louise Thompson has opened up about her mental health struggles

Thompson also said that she had been messaged by men whose partners who were also struggling and that she wanted to provide "pure reassurance" that things would get better.

"I wish there was an easier way, there is no magic cure. This disease will teach you a great deal of patience," she said.

"But you have to keep going… please choose life and get help."

Ryan Libbey recently revealed he was also suffering from PTSD

Thompson was diagnosed with PTSD after suffering complications while giving birth to her son Leo-Hunter, with her partner Ryan Libbey, late last year.

The reality TV star recently said her partner Ryan Libbey has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder following her traumatic childbirth experience.

Source: Press Association