The Killers brought a halt to their show in Manchester on Saturday night after a 67-year-old pensioner went full Mr Brightside and started crowd surfing.

The Last Vegas band, who play Malahide Castle in Dublin this Tuesday and Wednesday, were performing at Manchester's Emirates Old Trafford stadium when one fan caused a hot fuss as the band covered Joy Division's Shadowplay.

67-year-old Doug James was carried aloft by the audience before he was unfortunately dropped and ended up with a bloodied head.

Killers front man Brandon Flowers then briefly stopped the gig and clamoured down from the stage to give Doug a hug and to see if he was okay.

A jubilant Doug told the crowd, "Y'know what he said to me? 'I was enjoyin' meself!'"

Doug, who is from Sale in Manchester, was at the gig with his son and daughter-in-law when he got caught up in the atmosphere.

"There are so many nice and fun people at concerts, I got chatting to them and thought it would be a good idea." he told ITV News afterwards.

He added that he was inspired to try a spot of crowd surfing after the audience around him had lifted up a lady in a wheelchair.

"I'd like to have a go at that, and I said to the lad beside me if you crowd surf then I will, he decided not to, but I said lift me up and send me forward." he told fellow gig-goers.

"I love live music and I love The Killers, it was a brilliant gig." he said.

Doug now has the nickname of 'Billy the crowd surfer' after The Killers frontman mistakenly heard his name and announced it onstage while the crowd chanted "Billy, Billy!"

Doug said: "It must have been my accent!"