A new Coronation Street trailer shows the battle for baby Alfie intensifying in Weatherfield later this month.

Alfie's parents, Abi Webster and Imran Habeeb, are currently embroiled in a fight for custody of their son.

Solicitor and biological father Imran has paid an associate to lie about Abi, making it appear to the court that she has returned to taking drugs.

The new trailer shows Abi and Imran appearing to spin out of control as they lock eyes.

As the parents come face to face, the camera spins, throwing each of them to the ground in turn, and back up again as their story unfolds behind them.

In the first scene, Imran's wife Toyah can be seen holding a crying Alfie.

Toyah is still struggling to cope with the revelation that her new husband was unfaithful with Abi, resulting in him fathering baby Alfie and subsequently losing the child they were due to adopt.

As Imran's face is filled with confusion, he slams to the ground.

Then, with sirens blaring, the police move towards a pained Abi.

"Secrets unravel, truths hurt and lives well and truly turn upside down"

In the garage, Kevin darts to his estranged wife, his vision of a reconciliation having been shattered by the discovery that a one-night stand with Imran led to Alfie's birth.

Abi then falls once again as Imran rises, joined by a panicked Adam.

Toyah, meanwhile, is comforted by Leanne and Nick.

The cycle continues as more neighbours are pulled into Imran and Abi's troubles.

Speaking about the upcoming custody battle, the Managing Director of Continuing Drama and Head of ITV in the North of England, John Whiston, said: "The pigeons really do come home to roost for some of Corrie's best-loved characters in this fantastic week of edge-of-your-seat drama.

"Secrets unravel, truths hurt and lives well and truly turn upside down as the lengths Imran went to take baby Alfie away from Abi are revealed.

"Whether your sympathies are with Abi, with Toyah or with Imran, this is not a week to be missed."

The intense week's worth of episodes is due to air later in May.

Coronation Street airs on Virgin Media One and ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Source: Press Association

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