On the BAFTA red carpet, actor Ciarán Hinds has spoken about the success of Kenneth Branagh's semi-autobiographical film Belfast, which focuses on the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The film is up for six BAFTA nominations, including best film and nod for Hinds in the best supporting actor category.

Hinds said: "BAFTA is very serious about their work, it’s also not just big successful things, they sometimes make very esoteric choices as well, very interesting choices and the art of film is very important.

"So for Belfast to be included in that, which you have to say is a very small film, a small story (which) has resonated with so many people and has become, I would say, a very successful film.

"But it’s not an esoteric film, it’s very true to humanity, and how our hearts know.

"Some people have mentioned it might be a bit sentimental, but I don’t think it’s sentimental myself. I think it has sentiment but to me, it’s not a sentimental film."

Source: Press Association

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