The first trailer for Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann's Elvis Presley film has been released and it reveals our first proper look at Austin Butler as the music icon.

Luhrmann's first movie since 2013, Elvis also stars Tom Hanks as manager Col. Tom Parker and follows the star’s meteoric rise from his dirt-poor childhood in Mississippi to his early revolutionary songs, his film career, his army service, the famous comeback special, and his close relationship with his mother.

In the trailer, Hanks as Parker can be heard narrating and we see Elvis’s earliest shows, the mania that broke out among his fans and the era of social and political upheaval in the US in the 1960s.

Viewers are also offered a glimpse of the singer's Graceland mansion as well as the intense press attention he faced, set against the backdrop of political unrest in the US and the killings of Martin Luther King Jr and president John F Kennedy.

Butler is seen in character singing memorable hits including Jailhouse Rock, That’s All Right Mama and Unchained Melody to raucous audiences.

Elvis Presley

Presley died aged 42 in 1977 following one of the most influential careers in popular music.

Richard Roxburgh, Helen Thomson, David Wenham and Dacre Montgomery also star in the film.

Production took place in Luhrmann’s native Australia but was paused due to the pandemic.

Hanks tested positive for Covid-19 during filming in March 2020, becoming one of the first celebrities to go public with a diagnosis.

Speaking during a Q&A session following the trailer launch, Luhrmann said: "Someone like Shakespeare would take a very iconic, famous character and try and explore a larger theme.

"And if you want to explore America in the 50s, the 60s and the 70s you couldn’t pick a greater, more iconic life than that of Elvis Presley."

Californian actor Austin Butler has previously appeared in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Dead Don’t Die.

Elvis is due for release on June 24.