Dionne Warwick has said she misses her cousin and fellow music icon Whitney Houston "terribly" on the tenth anniversary of her death.

Warwick, 81, said the legendary US singer's talent was "preordained" and that she had a "voice like no other".

Houston, whose most famous hits included I Will Always Love You and I Wanna Dance With Somebody, died on 11 February 2012 aged 48.

Speaking to US television show Entertainment Tonight (ET) about Houston's childhood, she said: "She was around me so much. She was just like the little girl I never had.

"She was a little devil. She really was. She got everyone in trouble.

"She would start something and everybody else would get blamed for it. She was a very special baby. She really was."

Warwick, who is also an actor and TV host, said she had often taken Houston and her other cousins on tour with her during the summer to experience the musician's life on the road.

Asked about Houston's world-renowned voice, she said: "It came from a gospel-singing family. They all sang. So, it wasn't surprising that she would sing.

"The ultimate was the success that followed her voice. A voice like none other, which is the best part about it."

She added: "I do miss her terribly, I do, our conversations.

"She called me with the silliest questions, and I'd give her a silly answer. And that would be the end of that."

US record producer Clive Davis, who is credited with helping Houston rise to prominence, also paid tribute to her and her "spine-tingling voice" on the anniversary.

Davis, who has also worked with Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd and Westlife, wrote: "It's been 10 years since Whitney passed away and I am among millions who miss her more than ever.

"No new artist has since been introduced who has made us forget her soaring, spine-tingling voice and her heartwarming smile.

"With every passing day, it becomes ever clearer there will never be another Whitney Houston."

As well as her powerful voice, Houston was known for her appearances on screen, most notably in The Bodyguard alongside Kevin Costner.

The acting role was Houston's first, and she played a music superstar, with Costner as the former secret service agent hired to protect her.

The soundtrack, featuring songs including I Will Always Love You and I Have Nothing, was a massive hit.

Source: Press Association

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