Daniel Craig has joked playing James Bond for 17 years has left him "accident prone" after spending an entire interview bleeding from his forehead.

The No Time To Die star said that if he does not get injured while filming he is "not doing it properly".

He was joined for the 30-minute chat by his former 007 franchise colleague Javier Bardem as part of Variety’s Actor on Actor series.

But a mishap while setting up lighting equipment for the interview left the actor with a cut on his forehead, which a concerned Bardem pointed out to him at the end of the interview.

"It’s probably part of a sandwich," Craig said, getting up to examine the mark, before adding "oh my God you’re right I have, I’ve cut my head".

He explained: "They’ve sent me this wonderful ring flash (light, for the interview) with an iPad in the middle of it and … it just fell on my head just before we started this.

"This is 17 years playing Bond, can you see how accident prone I am. No wonder I get f****** injured every time I do a movie.

"I’m not bleeding to death (but) if I don’t get injured when I’m filming I’m not doing it properly."

Source: Press Association

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