David Bowie rides the crest of the vinyl revival wave and has beaten The Beatles to become the UK's biggest-selling artist on vinyl this century.

The late musician’s vinyl sales for the 2000s are 582,704, placing him ahead of the only other act to top half a million units on the format - The Beatles, who have had 535,596 sales.

Trade paper Music Week has revealed that in this decade alone 134,237 Bowie albums have been sold on vinyl in the UK while The Beatles sold 113,613.

Last year, Bowie placed third in sales with 53,181 behind The Beatles with 58,567 and Taylor Swift with 56,917.

A series of Bowie vinyl reissues, including the recent release of his unreleased 2000 album Toy, have increased his sales.

Why Bowie had such a brilliant 1990s.

The reissue of Bowie’s 1971 Hunky Dory album was the UK’s top vinyl seller last week, with 2,081 of its 2,550 sales on vinyl.

Vinyl has continued to grow in sales over the past 15 years enjoy consecutive years of growth for nearly 15 years. UK vinyl sales in 2021 were the highest they’ve been in 30 years despite ongoing issues with backlogs and delays.

In the US, vinyl has overtaken CD in unit sales for the first time in decades.