Lily Collins says both Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts acted as "mentors" at the dawn of her career.

The Emily In Paris star said both actresses had been "warm" and helped her to navigate some of her first on screen experiences.

Collins, who is the daughter of musician Phil Collins, told Glamour UK that she was "proud of what my surname represents" but that she was treading her "own path".

She appeared alongside Bullock in the 2009 film The Blind Side and in Mirror Mirror with Roberts in 2012.

Asked about her mentors she said: "My first film was with Sandra Bullock, and she helped guide me through that experience.

"And we stayed in touch, and she's just such a warm, wonderful spirit, who just really took me under her wing.

"Julia Roberts is the same way; on Mirror, Mirror she’s playing my evil queen, and yet she couldn’t have been more warm – and helping me to understand and navigate a set."

Phil Collins

Collins said that despite the associations with her father she did not want to change her last name.

"When I was younger, trying to start my journey into the entertainment world, I was told by quite a few people, 'Well, what makes you special?" she said.

"There’s so many different siblings and family members and people out there. Why you?

"I’m so incredibly proud of what my surname represents, for what my dad’s done.

"And I’m an incredibly proud daughter, but I am going on my own path, my own journey.

"I didn’t want to change my last name."