EastEnders is set to explore new character Aaron Monroe's affiliation with a far-right group and the impact of his radicalisation on Albert Square this winter.

Since Aaron (Charlie Wernham) arrived in Walford this autumn, viewers have seen his increasingly divisive views and violent behaviour come to the fore.

Only his dad Harvey (Ross Boatman) is aware of his history with extremism - his sister Dana (Barbara Smith) and others around him have no idea that beneath Aaron's charming front, there’s a far more sinister motive at play.

Audiences have seen Harvey discover Aaron’s involvement in a violent assault and it was made clear that he’s still full of hatred when he defaced the Argee Bhajee with racist graffiti.

This week, his bad influence over Tiffany becomes apparent when he encourages her to share a post on her social media account.

One of the people instrumental to Aaron’s involvement is new character Neil, played by Thomas Coombes, who will be introduced in Thursday night's episode.

Other characters in Walford will be impacted by Aaron's actions

Over the coming months, audiences will see how entrenched Aaron is within the group and how, under Neil’s orders, their actions can have detrimental effects on the residents of Walford.

EastEnders consulted with experts, including Exit UK founder Nigel Bromage and his specialist advisors, throughout production in order to portray Aaron's story realistically.

Jon Sen, EastEnders' Executive Producer, commented: "EastEnders has a history of telling challenging yet prescient stories which reflect the world.

"Far-right thinking and ideas have been on the rise over past five years with the several communities coming under attack.

"We wanted to take a fresh look at the faulty logic of those who fall prey to the far-right ideologies and tell a powerful story about a family who have an extremist in their midst."

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