Viewers have taken to Twitter to praise Late Late Toy Show "hero" Finn who spoke about battling cancer on Friday night's show.

The inspirational eight-year-old told Ryan he had cancer in 2018 and all he was able to play with in hospital was Lego, with the help of his mum.

When he rang the bell in St John's Ward in Crumlin last year to signal that he was cancer-free, his extended family couldn't be there, so Ryan prompted him to ring a bell of hope for all the other children who are still sick.

Finn took to the task with plenty of gusto, so much so that he broke the bell, but continued on regardless.

Ryan then asked Finn if he would like to go to Denmark and he nonchalantly shrugged. He was soon bowled over by news that he was due to fly to Legoland with his family.

A very well deserved treat for Finn and a beautiful Toy Show moment to remember.

Viewers at home were blown away by the brave eight-year-old.

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