Gary Barlow has said he felt like he had "really done" the TV talent show format - but he's back for good (or bad) as Simon Cowell personally invited him to be his replacement on the upcoming series Walk The Line.

Walk The Line is music mogul Cowell's latest telly venture and features comedian Dawn French, singer Alesha Dixon and musician Craig David alongside Barlow on the judging panel.

Take That star Barlow, who has carved out a successful TV career alongside his music, having been a judge on The X Factor and Let It Shine, stepped in to replace Cowell after the 62-year-old decided to focus on his role as creator and producer for the new series.

The show was scheduled to mark his return to UK television after he broke his back when he fell off an electric bike he was testing at his house in Malibu in August last year.

Simon Cowell

However, Barlow told the PA news agency he expected Cowell to return for the second season.

He said: "At the point where I got the phone call off Simon, I wasn’t planning any sort of TV. I felt like I’d really done the talent show thing. But I liked the idea and I thought, 'This is going to be different’.

"It’s quick. It’s just six episodes, which feels modern now. An idea of a series with 41 shows nowadays just feels like the past, I guess. So this felt like it was easy to do.

"The idea of putting undiscovered talent on TV is - I don’t want to sound too cliche - but it’s bloody important. And I love to see it because there’s a lot out there. So if I can be a small part of that…

"I think it’s only for this series. I’m sure Simon will be back next year. It’s his show . . . but I’ve been happy to help and I like ITV. They’ve always been really good to me."

Dawn French will be a judge on Walk The Line

Walk The Line will face scrutiny from viewers and critics as a successor to the successful X Factor format, but Barlow said Cowell was used to the pressure.

He said: "Someone like Simon, they’re always going to have pressure around them, because he’s been so successful. That’s what it is. And also, people love to knock success. But he knows all that stuff as I do.

"But again, it’s about the people at home watching this show and all of a sudden the people at home are - I don’t get to vote in this - they get to do all the voting."