Ed Sheeran's cameo in new Netflix action-comedy Red Notice has been a winner with viewers, and the star said he is hopeful he can make another appearance in the film's sequel.

Speaking about filming his hilarious scene in the Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot-starring film, Sheeran said it was the final one to be shot for the movie and finishing it provided some relief for the crews after the pandemic slowed down production.

"Mine was the last scene that they shot and because of Covid, it was a two-year shoot," he told Hits Live in Liverpool. "So, by the end of it, all the crew were just like 'thank God this is over'."

On returning for the next movie, he said, "I'm hoping that it's going to turn into like a Mike Tyson in the Hangover thing.

"Because they're going to do a sequel, so I'm hoping that at some point I get brought back to be even worse."

Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber said Sheeran's dramatic scene was his favourite of the film so it's likely he would invite the musician back for another go.

"It's actually my favourite part of the movie. Ed, from the very first pitch, was who I wanted," he said.

"When the time came, I had a mutual friend who put us in touch and I emailed Ed – who is the loveliest person on the planet, by the way – and I sent him a picture of my notebook when I was writing the pitch. It had his name in it, so he knew I wasn’t fooling."