Ryan Reynolds described filming new Netflix action-comedy Red Notice during the pandemic as a "big challenge".

The Hollywood actor is joined by fellow stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Gal Gadot in the big-budget film, which is reportedly the streaming service's biggest ever investment in a film.

It features Reynolds as an art thief while Johnson plays an FBI profiler out to capture Gadot's master criminal.

The first half of the movie was completed before the pandemic but the second half was made during the health crisis.

Speaking at the Red Notice world premiere in Los Angeles, Reynolds reserved special praise for the film's crew.

"It was a big challenge," he told the PA news agency. "It was more of a challenge for our crew, who were in Atlanta and often times they were a mile away from their families and they couldn't see them.

"Everyone was sequestered, so no-one could go anywhere. No-one could even stop for gas. When you look back at that now you're like, 'that's crazy'. But that's what was happening just a year ago.

"So I'm really grateful we're through the worst of it, I think, but it was really tough for the crew, more so than any of us. I'm not going to complain about my predicament, it was the crew - it was tough for them."

Red Notice, from director Rawson Marshall Thurber, begins streaming from November 12