Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt has revealed she has been sterilised, and her husband Max Rogers is going to have a vasectomy.

The American dancer and singer, 39, and Rogers have three children together – Willow, age six, Maple age four and Ford who was born in 2019.

Wyatt is also among the star-studded line-up who will be competing in the forthcoming season of Dancing On Ice.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, Wyatt discussed how the couple had originally planned to have two children due to environmental considerations.

She said: "Sustainability is such a big part of our focus as a couple and as a family and we’d had our two children and we were really quite happy and we talked about waiting six to eight years and having the conversation and just being certain that we were done.

"But within just that year or so of having the second one, we’re like 'I think we’re pretty much complete’, until number three showed up."

Kimberly Wyatt and Max Rogers share three children together

To ensure they did not have any more children, Wyatt explained that she was sterilised when she had her third Caesarean section.

She joked: "I can remember the last thing I said to the doctor, her name was Jane, was ‘Clamp ’em hard Jane’. I was done having children."

Rogers said the original plan was for him to have a vasectomy before the lockdown period, as they felt it "seemed like the sensible thing to do".

He admitted he felt "slightly let off the hook" after his wife was sterilised before him, but said he did not feel the need to change his original plans and is still set on getting a vasectomy.

When asked if the procedures were coming late as they already have three kids, he added: "Yeah, you’re probably slightly right.

"I mean, we’re so happy with the third child and it wasn’t necessarily out of the question that we wouldn’t have a third child, but it would have been a little bit further down the line.

"So it was a happy surprise when he arrived and yeah, perhaps if we were definitely sure it would have only been two, it would have been as you say, a little late."

The Pussycat Dolls, consisting of Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta and Wyatt, were formed as a burlesque troupe by choreographer Robin Antin.

The girl group, who produced hits such as Don’t Cha, Buttons and Stickwitu, were due to embark on a world comeback tour, but the concerts were postponed due to the pandemic and have faced further delays.

Kimberly Wyatt also discussed the delays to The Pussycat Dolls' world tour

Discussing the tour, Wyatt said: "We were all set to do a world tour and then instead, after we did all the promo here in the UK and in Australia, we were thrust into lockdown.

"The tours been pushed twice and the last I heard it is rescheduled for September of next year.

"But of course there’s some fighting going on between the creator Robin and Nicole and so I literally have no idea what’s going to happen.

"But I’m just trying to stay optimistic and I just feel like we’ve built such an epic moment of this comeback performance and comeback tour and all the fans are so excited around the world right along with us that yeah, I’m just gonna say optimistic and hope that it does happen.

"I think the fighting and the drama needs to end and we need to focus on getting back out there."

Wyatt added that she feels Dancing On Ice will be an "epic challenge and adventure" and has found the skating practice to be "really exhilarating" so far.

Source: Press Association