It's Halloween this Sunday night and if you are looking for terror, tension and spilt blood, we reckon the last episode of Kin on RTÉ One will have it all. But will it be a night of tricks or treats for the Kinsellas...

The tension has been ratcheting up in Kin week by week and as we face into the sure-to-be explosive finale, we take a look at seven big questions we hope will be answered.

The Kinsellas have nowhere left to hide, as Eamon Cunningham has made it clear he will do anything to get his drugs stash back and wipe them out in the process.

Amanda has vowed to "chop the head off the snake" and end Eamon Cunningham's reign of terror over the Kinsellas for once and for all.

The family is feeling pressure from all sides. The Gardaí have seized documents from the car dealership and are investigating the money laundering operation; Eric has been arrested and is facing a lengthy prison sentence and even the children aren't safe, as both Amanda and Jimmy's son Anthony and Michael's daughter Anna are threatened.

There are no good options left, and a bloody showdown appears the most likely outcome. Whatever happens, it's unlikely everyone is making it out alive.

1. Would Amanda rat to save Anthony?

Amanda has already lost one son, Jamie, whose accidental death sparked this terrible sequence of events. Her priority now is keeping her surviving child Anthony safe. As Kin has progressed, it has become abundantly clear Amanda is the brains of the operation, always thinking a few steps ahead of the rest of her family. But now that Anthony's life is being threatened, and that she could potentially face serious jail time for her part in laundering money through the car dealership, what is Amanda capable of doing? During a family meeting in the penultimate episode, Michael claimed that "Amanda's not going to rat" - we're not so sure. Her fiercely protective mothering instincts, and her canny sense of self-preservation, are sure to take precedence over everything else as the show heads towards the endgame.

2. Why is Bren in jail?

The belated introduction of Michael and Jimmy's father Bren, who is the third Kinsella sibling along with Frank and Birdy and the former head of the gang, has raised a lot of questions while answering some others. Frank and Jimmy visited Bren in prison, where he is presumably serving a long sentence, although we don't know what crime he committed. He left Frank in charge, a decision he hugely regrets now that the family are embroiled in "wars we cannot win". During their visit, Bren viciously tore strips off Frank, "You look like a f***ing hairdresser" he snarled at him at one point while Jimmy looked on, visibly terrified. The audience was given a clear insight into why Michael and Jimmy have turned out the way they have, but will we find out what put Bren in jail in the first place? He also attacked Frank for not "getting his hands dirty". We're fairly certain the same can’t be said of Bren.

3. What happened between Michael and his father?

The night before the prison visit, Jimmy essentially asked Michael for his permission to see their dad. "I can just say no if you don't want me to go," Jimmy told his brother. "Do whatever you want, it makes no odds to me," Michael retorted. But it's clear from his stunned reaction that he is hugely unsettled by the prospect of their father being back in the mix, even if he is still behind bars. Will we find out anything more about what went down between Michael and Bren? Bren's wrathful assertion that he would bury anyone that went against him, even family members, underscores the type of man he is and has undermined any sense that loyalty might prevail among the Kinsellas in the last episode.

4. How will things turn out for Eric?

Eric's prospects are not looking good. The penny has finally dropped that he's facing years behind bars for attempted murder. With a bounty on his head from Eamon Cunningham, the chances he would survive a lengthy prison sentence (unless he's in solitary confinement) are poor. His girlfriend Nikita is understandably not too keen about standing by her man while he spends a decade locked up, "What am I supposed to do when you're gone for ten years, spend my life sitting in with Birdy?" She also asked him what he would do if she went away for ten years, his answer, "I'd wait for you", was almost laughably implausible. Eric thinks he'll be "grand", especially "if Bren's with me". What will he do once he finds out Bren wants nothing to do with him? Will Eric crack and inform on the gang to get a reduced prison sentence? Eric was always a bit of a wild card - we wouldn't be too surprised if he breaks the cardinal sin of not ratting to save his own skin.

5. What the heck is going on between Michael and Amanda?

The chemistry between Amanda and her brother-in-law has been off the charts. We know they had an affair while Jimmy was behind bars, and that Jamie seemingly could have been Michael's son. In a previous episode when she discovered Michael on the floor of his living room having a seizure, she took care of him and there was a suggestion something physical could happen when they held hands. The tension reached boiling point in the penultimate episode after they had a heart-to-heart on the roof terrace and Amanda scooched across to kiss him. Although he didn't outright reject her advances, he quite rightly asked her, "Are you trying to blow everything up?" Is this budding romance going anywhere? Will Jimmy find out? Is them being together not the worst idea in the world?

6. What is the history between Eamon and Birdy?

In the penultimate episode, Birdy stepped up to try to sort out this whole mess by bargaining with Eamon. In a plan that seemed quite straightforward, she offered to give his stash back in return for peace. Birdy seemed confident Eamon wouldn't hurt her, telling her family that they have "history". Will we find out what happened between them? Her belief seemed misplaced, though, when she finally went face-to-face with the drug boss and he pulled a gun on her, leaving a raw welt on her cheek. Birdy showed a steely defiance while being subjected to such a show of intimidation, but it's clear no one is safe from Eamon's wrath.

7. Does Eamon Cunningham have any weaknesses?

Amanda has vowed to "chop the head off the snake" and end Eamon Cunningham's reign of terror over the Kinsellas for once and for all. When speaking to Michael about her fears for Anthony and of going to jail, he told her, "You're smarter than any of them. You'll find a way to fix it." If anyone could tactically outsmart Eamon, it's surely Amanda. But how will she approach taking out the crime boss? His security detail is not to be sniffed at, and we can't see him agreeing to go on another Ayahuasca retreat any time soon.

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