The Boss Baby star Alec Baldwin has spoken about returning for the sequel to the hit 2017 animated comedy, saying the decision was not just based on "success and money and the box office".

The 30 Rock actor plays the titular character in the franchise, a hilariously precocious infant with the mind of an adult.

Boss Baby's dominance is set to be threatened in the sequel, The Boss Baby: Family Business, with the arrival of Tina, voiced by Amy Sedaris.

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment, Baldwin said he was delighted to have a talent like Sedaris to play against.

"When you do this stuff we always say the same thing, 'Who can hit the ball back?'" he said. "With Amy, we got somebody where we were like, 'Oh my God, this is so thrilling because she is so talented'."

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Sedaris was equally excited to join the project.

"I was a big fan of the first Boss Baby. I watched it with my godkids and I loved it. He's so funny," she shared, pointing at Baldwin.

"Anything with his name in it... I think I've seen every single one of your movies, except maybe one. I was happy to say yes and I really liked the part."

Baldwin was on board for the sequel from the get-go.

"I think any time you make a film and it's successful people are coming to you pretty quickly and saying, 'Do you want to go again?' The answer is always yes," he said.

"Letmethinkaboutityes!" Sedaris interjected.

"Exactly," Baldwin laughed. "The point is that it's not just about success and money and the box office and everything, [it's] the people you work with, did you have a good experience with them?

"I've had experiences that were lucrative, where people would say, 'It's a great paycheck' - that you don't do because you don't think you would have a good time. On this, we had a ball. We always have fun doing these movies."

Sedaris added: "It's always about the process."

Director Tim McGrath said it was easy getting into the mindset of a kid to work on these movies.

"I think when you work in animation you're just a kid at heart anyway, because there's something you tap into from your childhood imagination and that sort of thing," he told RTÉ Entertainment.

"But when we approach these films, the Boss Baby world is so fantastic and weird that you can just brainstorm all of these really weird ideas.

"Working with Michael McCullers, the writer, the great joy is coming up with ideas and three-and-a-half years later it's on the big screen."

McGrath said he wanted to introduce "a strong female voice" in the franchise with the addition of Tina.

"In the first movie, it's really two brothers. But in this one, we felt there was an opportunity for a strong female voice, because we needed to find a boss that could out-boss Boss Baby and be the complete opposite," he said.

"Boss Baby is really derived from that Mad Men-style era of the last century where he's kind of a lone wolf. We thought the opposite would be like a millennial who embraces teamwork and has a good family life balance and that would really annoy Boss Baby.

"I felt like that would be a great foil and someone who could out-boss him. Enter Amy Sedaris, who's fantastic at reading characters.

"When she came in, Tina became more important to the film and much more of a pivotal character in bringing the two brothers who had grown apart back together."

The Boss Baby: Family Business is out in cinemas on October 22.

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