RTÉ's new game show Last Singer Standing will kick-off later this month with host Nicky Byrne and Nadine Coyle, former NSYNC member Joey Fatone, and Samantha Mumba as Pop Panellists

Contestants will require tactics as well as singing talent as they battle it out against one another in a bid to make it to the grand final and win €25,000

The new show will start on Saturday, October 23 on RTÉ One at 8:30pm and run for eight weeks, reaching a finale in December with prize money of €25,000 for the winner.


In a statement, RTÉ said, "Last Singing Standing is game show for all of the family to enjoy, it requires contestants to have tactics as well as talent, as singers face off against one another in a test of singing ability, and nerve".

Produced for RTÉ by ShinAwiL, the series will air on Saturday evenings, with one singer from each show making it to the next round.

Former Girls Aloud star Coyle, Fatone, and Mumba will offer their guidance and industry experience to the contestants from around Ireland as they take to the stage to perform.

Contestants will do battle both musically and mentally as they endeavour to impress the popstar panel, the studio audience, and each other in order to earn that coveted place in the grand finale.

Host Nicky Byrne said: "This show will have you on the edge of your seat - it's fast-paced, exciting, and full of jeopardy. Our singers face challenges like never before in their bid to land the top prize.

"The superstar pop panel of Nadine, Joey, and Samantha are talented, quick-witted, and full of personality. It's a fresh, new show and I think viewers will take it to their hearts on Saturday nights."

Nadine Coyle said: "I loved the idea with this show of how quickly the participants might have to adapt to a song they are not familiar with in the original key in a high-pressured situation - it's exciting to watch.


"I'm just so impressed by the singing talent that there is on offer in Ireland, and I love that people are getting a chance to show that off on Last Singer Standing."

Samantha Mumba said: "Last Singer Standing is just such a refreshing and fun concept and spin on a traditional type of talent show, and that's made me want to get involved.

"It's always a treat getting to come home for work as it ties in with getting to see family and friends as well, particularly not getting home much at all over the past few years, has made it even more special."


Joey Fatone said: "Last Singer Standing is a fun singing competition with a game show element to it and requires clever use of strategy from the contestants.

"Contestants have to pick from categories, and that narrows things down and gives singers fewer songs to choose from... it's going to be really exciting for people at home to watch"

Last Singer Standing starts on RTÉ One on Saturday, October 23 at 8:30pm.