EastEnders' Liam Butcher made his return to Albert Square in Friday night's episode and it's likely to spell trouble for the residents of Walford.

Liam (Alfie Deegan), who is Tiffany and Whitney's bother, was last seen on screen in 2015 when he left Walford with Cindy Beale as they found themselves at the centre of Lucy's murder investigation.

He has been living in Germany with his dad Ricky since then, and his arrival on the Square came seemingly out of the blue as he insisted he's back to support Tiffany.

Liam insists he's back to support Tiffany, but is he telling the truth?

He can do no wrong in Tiffany's eyes, but it's clear that Liam isn't telling them the full story.

With plenty of experience working in cars with his dad, Liam will eye up The Arches in next week's episodes to make some money and, as trouble seems to follow the Butcher family, it’s sure to be anything but plain sailing.

Sure to be trouble ahead as Liam eyes up The Arches to make some money next week

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