James Nesbitt, Richard E Grant, and Joely Richardson will star in a new crime thriller for Channel 4.

The eight-part series will also feature Outlander actor Sam Heughan, Bridgerton's Ben Miller and Shameless actress Anne-Marie Duff.

The drama, which has a working title of Suspect, is an adaptation of a Danish series and follows veteran detective Danny Frater (Nesbitt), who turns up at a hospital mortuary for what he thinks is a routine ID check on a young woman’s body, and gets a devastating shock when the corpse turns out to be his estranged daughter.

The post-mortem report finds that Christina, played by Imogen King, has taken her own life but Danny refuses to accept this and sets out on a mission for the truth, retracing her last days and hours, to discover what really happened to his only child.

He meets those closes to her, her partner, Nicola (played by Niamh Algar), her best friend, Maia (played by Antonia Thomas), her business partner, Jaisal (played by Sacha Dhawan), her godfather, Ryan (played by Heughan), her mentor, Harry (played by Grant) and finally her mother, Susannah, who is Danny’s ex-wife (played by Duff).

Anne-Marie Duff to star alongside Nesbitt in crime thriller Suspect

Danny learns about his daughter’s descent into delinquency and is forced to confront his own failings as a father.

Richardson will play Jackie, the pathologist who carries out the post mortem on Christina’s body, while Miller plays Richard, Danny’s boss.

The show has been written and adapted by Before We Die’s Matt Baker and will be directed by Dries Vos.

Nesbitt said: "I could relate to Danny, with his flaws, vulnerabilities and the devastating situation he faces, from the very first moment I picked up the script.

"Each episode of Suspect is an intensely theatrical double-hander, a psychological battle of wits between Danny and another character who may know something about his daughter’s untimely death, and I really can’t wait to lock horns with my fellow cast members and to lead this incredible array of acting talent."

Caroline Hollick, head of drama at Channel 4, added: "I am absolutely delighted to welcome James Nesbitt back to Channel 4 to take the lead in this gripping, visceral thriller.

"It’s a testament to James’ star power and Matt’s gripping scripts that Suspect (w/t) has attracted such a sensationally stellar ensemble cast."

The series will be filmed in the autumn.

Source: Press Association