Comedian Jimmy Carr and Kylie Minogue are reported to be guest vocalists on Ed Sheeran's upcoming new album = (Equals).

The Sun has reported that 49-year-old Carr recorded backing vocals on album track Visiting Hours, with Sheeran saying, "Jimmy Carr the comedian is on the background. It’s true."

Cox and Sheeran

The song also features Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue and there has been speculation that = (Equals), which is released on October 29, could also feature Friends star Courteney Cox, who Sheeran befriended through his work with Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol.

However, Sheeran, who recently marked eight weeks at No. 1 in Ireland with his latest single Shivers, has said that he isn't entirely sure whether the Hollywood actress appears on his new album.

"She sings. I'm pretty sure she sings on background vocals on the album," he said. I think she's on Visiting Hours. If not, she was definitely on ÷ somewhere."

30-year-old Sheeran revealed how he came to work with the 57-year-old Cox.

"Well, my producer and songwriter, Johnny [McDaid] is dating her. Me and Johnny write most, like, we wrote Shape of You together. We wrote Bad Habits together. We work together a lot."

"= (Equals)' is a really personal record and one that means a lot to me."

He has also said his new album is a "really personal record" and is inspired by him becoming a father.

The musician added that it's a "coming-of-age record", with songs written about his wife Cherry and their 12-month-old daughter Lyra Antarctica.

"= (Equals)' is a really personal record and one that means a lot to me," he said. "My life changed greatly over the past few years - I got married, became a father, experienced loss, and I reflect on these topics over the course of the album. I see it as my coming-of-age record, and I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you."