Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore has defended the show against critics who said it got off to a boring start, saying that's a complaint made every year but then audiences get sucked into the drama.

When asked on The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan about the "boring" complaints, Whitmore said, "Oh, they say that every year!"

"Iain's (Sterling, Whitmore's husband and Love Island narrator) obviously worked on it for years and he says 'So week one, they say this. Week one, they say there's no one as good as the previous year.

"'Then week two, they start to warm up a little bit. Then week three, they're kind of getting into it. Then week four, Casa Amor. Bam! Everyone's into it and they say it's the best year so far.' We still have two weeks to go. It's long."l

When asked about her thoughts on this year's Islanders, Whitmore said her views change regularly.

"Do you know what I'm so fickle as a person, it changes every episode," she revealed.

"Like, my favourite person at the start is now no longer my favourite. And I forgive people quite quickly... Some people I don’t like and then I do like."

"It's really weird because I’ve been a fan of this show for years, from the start, I love it… and when I go in there, I have to remember that I’m not a fan. I’m there to be serious and not to give anything away," she added.

Love Island continues on Virgin Media nightly at 9pm. The finale episode will air on Monday, August 23.