The co-stars of Kelly Preston have paid tribute to the late actress at the premiere of Off The Rails remembering her as "so fun and funny and irreverent".

The actress reportedly died of cancer aged 57 last summer shortly after finishing the film.

Sally Phillips and Jenny Seagrove, who also starred in the film, wore matching necklaces bearing the word 'Kelly' at the film premiere in London on Thursday night in tribute to the US star.

Phillips remembered Preston as "so fun and funny and irreverent".

"She arrived at the hotel and went, ‘Hey bitches’, and Jen and I, being slightly awkward and British, and I was pretty overawed at that point, couldn’t think what to say."

Jenny Seagrove and Sally Phillips wore 'Kelly' necklaces to the premiere of Off The Rails in London

She added: "We really had a laugh, did a lot of improvising and a lot of really just hanging out as those characters.

"She made me laugh, she was so professional, she was so kind when things were upsetting and she had lots of advice about, ‘Don’t ever let them do your hair like that again, there’s no need to look that bad’.

"She was really, really funny."

Off The Rails tells the story of four friends who go travelling around Europe. It is released in cinemas today.

Source: Press Association