Actress and TV presenter Kym Marsh missed BBC's Morning Live after being struck down with coronavirus.

Her co-host Gethin Jones confirmed her diagnosis on Monday, with Janette Manrara standing in for the former Coronation Street star.

Jones said: "Janette is in for Kym today. Kym is at home after testing positive for Covid so we will check in with her.

"So we will be checking in with her during the show."

The 45-year-old star is believed to have come into contact with Covid-19 through her son David, 26, whose girlfriend was "really poorly" with the virus.

Marsh also missed a number of episodes last week while self-isolating and told Jones and Manrara via video link that her family had had an awful week.

She said: "Yeah, so I wasn't well last week, I think you already mentioned that.

"I'd had a bad cold, and had two PCR tests both negative, but still was kind of coughing all over the place."

"I travelled home as always on the weekend, to be with my family, with my kids, and then over the weekend my son has tested positive for Covid. So not great."

Asked how her son was doing, she said: "He's okay. He's not doing too badly. So it's come from his girlfriend, his girlfriend is also self-isolating. She's been really, really poorly.

"David hasn't so far been as poorly as she has but today he said he's aching more today and he's coughing more as well.

"But up to now, he's doing okay, so fingers crossed he'll be alright."

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