Dua Lipa is being sued for posting a paparazzi photo of herself on her Instagram page.

The English singer was photographed queuing at an airport in February 2019 and later shared the shot to her Instagram "without permission or authorisation", court documents filed in the US state.

The since-deleted post showed the New Rules star standing in line with her luggage while wearing a large black hat.

She wrote in the caption: "I'll be living under big fluffy hats until further notice."

The company Integral Images seeks to recover damages for copyright infringement and says she profited from the photo as her Instagram acts as a marketing tool for her music.

The lawsuit alleges that the post may have "increased traffic" on her Instagram page and in turn sparked an uptick in "advertising revenues and/or merchandise sales."

It is seeking $150,000 (€126,000) damages and has asked for a jury trial.

Lipa posted the photo to her Instagram on February 7 2019, about four days after it was taken.

The company applied to copyright the image and several others. The request was granted on February 20.

Dua Lipa doesn't appear to have commented publicly on the lawsuit.

Although many people think they can post an image in which they are the subject, copyright law means the photographer usually owns the rights.

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