Joe Duffy has written a poem in honour of his famous phrase, '51551 wash yer hands' which originated at the start of the pandemic.

In March 2020 as Covid-19 reached Ireland, Joe Duffy began telling his RTE Radio 1 Liveline listeners, "51551 Wash yer hands"

He has consistently repeated this phrase on every single Liveline programme he has presented since and now households across the country repeat it on a daily basis.

Today marks the last day of Joe saying this phrase and to mark the occasion he has penned a poem which you can listen to him reading above.

Wash Yer Hands
By Joe Duffy

The job in hand was to
To hand write a poem about
(51551 Wash yer ) hands,

Don't know if I heard it, first-hand
Second hand or third hand,

But hand on heart,
From my soft hands who never did a hard day's work in their life,
I tried to write this goodbye to (51551 wash yer) hands

But It was out of my hands

So I hold my hands up,
I did get a helping hand

I went,
Cap in hand,

I said can you,
"Give us a hand,"

I left it in their hands - then by their own hand - they wrote
"My hands are full,"

So they couldn’t lend a hand with
(51551 Wash yer) hands.