Tom Hiddleston has said that playing Loki has changed his life and that he feels "a huge responsibility in honouring the affection" in which character is held by the audience.

Speaking last night at the London premiere of the new Disney+ TV series centred on the mischievous Marvel character, he told BBC Radio 1, "I absolutely love playing him. He is such a fun, complex character."

Hiddleston added that he, along with the rest of the cast, have to keep their "mouths tightly closed" to avoid revealing any spoilers - something he's "terrified" of doing.

"It's best just to swallow the news and the truth and never speak of it until it's time," the actor said.

"The Marvel movies mean so much to so many people and the characters mean so much to so many people. I think they enjoy being surprised."

Speaking about how Loki was confirmed as gender fluid in a recent promotional clip for the new series, he said it wasn't a huge surprise to fans as it was confirmed in the comics in 2014.

"Loki has always been fluid - someone who crosses boundaries and is unpredictable and mercurial," Hiddleston, who has played the character for ten years, said.

"I was really pleased we got to touch on that in this series. It's an amazing privilege to get to explore who he is in different ways."