Irish author Jane Casey has told RTÉ Radio 1's Today with Claire Byrne that the rights to her just-published The Killing Kind have been purchased by the Sony Pictures Television-backed Eleventh Hour Films.

"At the moment, it has a very good pair of writers and a director attached," Casey told the show on Friday.

"We're hoping that it will end up on the small screen eventually, that it will be one of those beautiful, glossy series. I hope that will happen. So, it's a totally new thing for me to have TV and to be talking about it.

"I'm supposed to be executive producer on it, so we'll see what happens. It'll be a learning curve... As far as I understand, it means a lot of meetings!"

Casey said that she will not be involved in the writing of the limited series.

"I've had my crack at telling the story," she said. "The book exists, and I'm really excited to see someone else have their take on the characters and turn it into something new."

In The Killing Kind, Casey introduces a new lead character - barrister Ingrid Lewis.

"I am always really interested by women having to do jobs in a slightly different way from men, and she has to go through a very different set of difficulties to any of her male colleagues in that," Casey explained. "In doing her job, she attracts the attention of a stalker.

"I think lots of women have this experience of just wanting to get on with their life and somehow just finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and attracting unwanted attention. So, she's quite a tough character, but she's been through an awful lot."

Casey said the inspiration for the book came from her own life.

"Everybody who writes books takes things that have happened in their own lives and kind of amplifies that," she told the host.

"I had experience when I was 18 of attracting some unwanted attention from a fellow student at university. So even though he was a very kind of benign person, and I don't think he had any malice at his heart - which is not the case with John Webster in The Killing Kind - he certainly put me through a lot of difficult and uncomfortable situations.

"I think writing The Killing Kind was really cathartic for me and just sort of saying, 'Look, this is what it feels like to be targetted. This is what it's like to be singled out and to have no way of stopping someone from being obsessed with you."

Casey also reassured fans that her much-loved detective Maeve Kerrigan will be returning in a new book.

"She's coming back, don't worry," the author said. "I have to say that because it was quite a big thing to take a year off writing her and to write Ingrid instead. I was lucky, I think, that readers were very forgiving about it, but she is definitely on her way back and I'm working on the 10th book."

When Byrne brought up Kerrigan's colleague Josh Derwent and how fans are "all waiting for that moment to happen", Casey replied: "All I will say is that their relationship is moving on."

The Killing Kind is published by HarperCollins.

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