Piers Morgan has claimed that he has been contacted about returning to Good Morning Britain after the show suffered a ratings slump.

Morgan (56) made a dramatic departure from the ITV show last March after he accused Meghan Markle of lying about her mental health struggles in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he claimed, "I have had some quite random third-party feelers put out to see if I would consider a return to the show,"

Morgan fanning the fames on GMB

"I don't want to say on the record who, but a pretty close third-party.

He added, "As the Americans say, they reached out - there have been approaches to test the water in the wake of their obvious ratings issues.

"It makes me sad to see all the hard work we did to beat the BBC in viewing numbers evaporate so fast.

"It’s their problem to work out . . . but never say never."

Speaking on the show earlier this year, Morgan said he didn't believe what Markle said during her explosive interview with Winfrey.

The duchess claimed was ignored when she raised concerns about her mental health and that racist comments had been made before the birth of her son, Archie.

Markle has since made a formal complaint to ITV about Morgan.