Ahead of the final two episodes of the current season of The Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy has said he and the team are already planning for next season and has promised "bigger, brighter, better".

Looking to the future on his RTÉ Radio 1 show on Wednesday, the host said: "I think, and I really believe it, that come September, we're going to be back in a different ballgame.

"I mean, we're already planning our Late Late Show for September, and I think it's already beginning to feel like another programme - and a whole other ballgame entirely in terms of what it's going to be.

"We're already planning our Late Late Show for September"

"The last, you know, two seasons have been just dominated by one story, and we look forward to kind of closing the chapter on that in two weeks' time and saying, 'That's what that was'. It was tough and like everyone else, you get through it and you try to put the best face forward and the best face out and keep the show on the road, which we did."

"But, I also think then you should have to say, 'Right, what's next?'" he continued. "That's what [The West Wing character] President Bartlet always asks - 'What's next?' And what's next is bigger, brighter, better and [a] post-pandemic buzzy return in September.

"So, I'm already excited about the first show back - that's how good it's going to be. And that's a promise."

The Late Late Show, Friday, RTÉ One, 9:35pm

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