Emmerdale star Danny Miller has revealed that he and his partner Steph Jones are engaged, and that they are expecting their first baby together.

The 30-year-old actor, who plays Aaron Dingle on the ITV soap, has been in a relationship with Jones for two-years, although the pair first met in primary school.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Miller said that he proposed to Jones over a romantic dinner in St Lucia earlier this year.

"I thought I was going to be sick because I was so nervous," he said with a laugh.

A month later, Jones discovered that she was pregnant, just days away from starting IVF after a year of trying to conceive naturally.

Miller said: "It was unbelievable because we'd been told it probably wasn't going to happen for us naturally, so we just feel so incredibly lucky. We’re very humbled by it as we know not everyone is as lucky."

Jones added: "It was a massive surprise because emotionally we’d been psyching ourselves up for IVF.

"It was meant to be. We got engaged at the beginning of January and found out we were expecting in February."

"We've done so many tests that were negative so I wasn’t expecting it to be positive – I couldn’t believe it! I was shaking and trying to ring Danny, but he wasn’t answering because he was on set."

The Emmerdale actor continued: "We were filming the barn explosion storyline. When I saw how many times she had rang me I had a feeling. I thought, either she's pregnant or something serious is going on.

"Usually my phone is on flight mode but that day I knew she wasn’t feeling good, she hadn’t had her period and we were just about to start the IVF, so I just put it on silent.

"I had to text her saying I couldn’t speak, but she replied saying ring me but with three Ns and four Es!

"The next take was long but then luckily they turned the cameras off and I said to the first assistant I was going to make a call.

"I rang Steph and she was laughing but crying and I just knew. With us being with the IVF consultant the day before, I was in complete shock. I started crying. It's making me emotional to think about it now."

Jones, who is a midwife, is due in October.

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