Actor and director Seth Rogen, who has just published his "indiscreet" memoir, has recalled an awkward elevator encounter with U2 front man Bono in New York.

Appearing on Friday night's Late Late Show, the Superbad co-writer said, "In the book, I talk about the fact that as a famous person you find yourself in elevators with other famous people a lot that you don’t know but then there is this weird thing among famous people that when you are around another famous person it is implicit that you should talk to one another.

"Like you both have the same haircut or something. I don’t know what it is, something about it makes you think that you should communicate with one another.

"One time I was in an elevator at 30 Rock [Rockefeller Plaza in New York] and me and Bono were in the elevator together. I remember it like, God bless him I remember him looking at me like I feel like I should talk to him he is another famous person, and he made a joke about being short."

A notably giggly Rogen also discussed meeting his hero, director and Star Wars creator George Lucas.

"It was really surreal. You know you grow up with these things in your life. Light sabres. Star Wars, I was obsessed with the movies, but I was more obsessed with the toys, I played with them so much" he said.

"You grow up with these things in your life and you don't think you are ever going to meet the person responsible for them. It doesn’t seem real.

"When you finally do, you never know how it is going to go. For me it was very unexpected when George Lucas explained to me that the thought the world was going to end and implied, he had built a spaceship to deal with the situation . . . "

Rogen has been filming a new miniseries about the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape, in which he plays Rand Gauthier, the man who stole the notorious tape.

Speaking about how he has spent lockdown, he said, "I have been working on several films, writing, producing, some TV shows we produce as well. I do pottery, I have been doing a lot of pottery. I have been very busy, I have been doing a lot of writing actually."