Denise Van Outen has said rumours that she is to reunite with her Big Breakfast co-host Johnny Vaughan for the 30th anniversary of the show are not true, but that they "have started talks" to do something together.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Van Outen said "I think this has all come from because I’ve reconnected with Johnny over the last year, we’ve been doing a lot of chatting.

"We’ve never really had a major fall out, you know what it’s like, your careers just go on different paths. And then we’ve just sort of reconnected through, I’ve got a lot of love for Johnny, always will have.

"And we’ve got a very similar sense of humour and just through lockdown, you know lockdown did a lot of things for a lot of friendships and people reconnecting and some people, their relationships went to dust, but other people reconnected and we were that lucky partnership that we sort of got back in touch and started chatting again, having a lot of banter.

"And I would love to work with him again, and we’ve both said it’d be nice to do something, whether or not it would be a reunion for something like The Big Breakfast or something different. We have started conversations."