Davina McCall has said that beating a heroin addiction made her a stronger person.

The 53-year-old TV presenter was addicted to the drug in her 20s before becoming one of the UK's most recognisable hosts on shows including Big Brother.

McCall, a mother of three, said overcoming her addiction made her more determined.

Speaking during Advertising Week Europe 2021 , she said: "I dealt with a very difficult, alcoholic, drug-addict mother and in turn ended up a drug addict myself. But it's just made me a much stronger person and a person that doesn't take no as the end of the line.

"I was a heroin addict - that was my drug of choice. I loved heroin, more than my family, more than myself. I hated myself, but I loved heroin more than anything. I would have stolen, I would have got myself into terrible mixes to try and get it or have it or get money to have it.

"Getting through that, going to go into Narcotics Anonymous meetings, made me realise that if I can get through that I can pretty much get through (anything)."

As well as presenting shows such as Big Brother and Long Lost Family, McCall has found success as a fitness guru, but admitted she did not foresee a career as a fitness instructor.

She said: "If you'd have said to me 20 years ago you're going to be fitness guru, I'd have literally laughed in (your) face.

"What I've realised in life is . . . you might get on one path, and then something will happen and it will lead you to somewhere else, but you have to be open to opportunity."