Ed Sheeran has been spotted filming a new music video after an 18-month hiatus from the industry, according to reports.

The 30-year-old singer, who has been on a break to spend time with his wife Cherry Seaborn and baby daughter Lyra, was spotted filming a new music video in London earlier this week.

A source told The Sun, "It was obvious something big was happening, there were camera crews and security cordons set-up.

"But you still don't expect a superstar to be on the roof of the shopping centre.

"He’s so recognisable straight away, and at that point he was just in his normal gear with his guitar so word got around fairly fast that Ed was filming – but he was cool about it, he was waving to some kids and laughing about it all, it was pretty surreal."

The singer was seen playing his guitar on a rooftop in Catford, South East London and was also seen dressed up as a vampire for scenes filmed in a cafe.

The source added: "There were quite a lot of fans later on and security were a bit anxious but he just knew how to do it, he posed for a few photos and then politely said he had to get back to work.

"He’s obviously planning for a big comeback. At times you could hear music playing which sounded great, but it wasn’t something I’d heard before."