The organisation behind the Golden Globe Awards has expelled its former president over an email in which he reportedly called the Black Lives Matter movement a "racist hate group".

88-year-old Philip Berk had been a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for 44 years and president for eight years.

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Berk sent a group email to HFPA members in which he lambasted BLM, adding that he had forwarded the message as "a point of information", according to the paper.

He later said he regretted sending the email.

The news comes at a time when high profile award ceremonies like The Golden Globes and the Oscars, which take place this Sunday, face mounting criticism over lack their lack of diversity and recognition of minority actors and workers in the film industry.

Earlier this year, the LA Times published an exposé alleging that the organisation, which is made up of almost 90 international journalists based in LA, did not include any black members.

The HFPA since has vowed to announce major reforms in the coming weeks.

"Effective immediately, Phil Berk is no longer a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association," its board said in a statement on Tuesday after the email was revealed.

They added, "Since its inception, the HFPA has dedicated itself to bridging cultural connections and creating further understanding of different backgrounds through film and TV.

"The views expressed in the article circulated by Mr Berk are those of the author of the article and do not - in any way shape or form - reflect the views and values of the HFPA. The HFPA condemns all forms of racism, discrimination and hate speech and finds such language and content unacceptable."