An original production script, a piece of the Millennial Falcon, and signed posters and photos are among the items once belonging to late Darth Vader actor David Prowse up for auction later this month.

Prowse, who died last year at the age of 85, following a short illness after living with Alzheimer's, played the iconic space opera villain in the Star Wars movie series after first finding fame in the UK as the Green Cross Code Man.

Darth Vader

Nearly 600 items will be auctioned, with a percentage of profits going to Alzheimer's Research UK, reports Sky News. Prowse's Green Cross Code Man suit is also up for auction.

Th late actor’s friend and assistant Julian Owen, who spent two months researching and organising the star's items, said: "It's been an honour to do this for the Prowse family. I worked with Dave for over 10 years and going through the collection has brought back a lot of great memories. We're expecting a lot of interest from around the world.

"It was so hard to see Dave's decline with Alzheimer's disease. We worked together most weekends and every time I saw him there would be a little less of him there.

"Dave's wife Norma said from the start that she wanted some of the money raised to go to Alzheimer's Research UK."

He added, "While nothing could be done for Dave, she knows just how important it is to support dementia research, to ensure future generations don't have to go through the same heartbreak.

"Dave would be delighted to know some of what's raised is going to help others."

Tim Parry, director at Alzheimer's Research UK, said: "David Prowse is a movie icon who introduced the world to one of the most enduring screen villains of all time.

"It's an honour that Alzheimer's Research UK will benefit from this auction, which will undoubtedly generate a huge amount of buzz in the Star Wars community.

"We can't thank Norma and the family enough for using the auction as a way of supporting the search for breakthrough dementia treatments."