Eamonn Holmes has asked his social media followers to wish him well after he was hospitalised with chronic pain.

Wearing a surgical mask, the 61-year-old This Morning presenter, wrote: 'At Hospital... pain like I've never experienced in my life. Need to find out what's causing this. Wish me well.'

The Belfast man has been battling chronic pain recently and has told his followers over the last week of his discomfort and distress.

The presenter told them he couldn't sleep because of the severe pain he was experiencing.

"Don't know about you but I got 90 mins tonight before the pain woke me up." he said.

In a later message, which he posted at 2.30am, he wrote: 'In that Twilight Zone between night time and morning. Anyone else find these hours the worst.... particularly if you suffer chronic pain?'

He also posted a picture of himself on the physiotherapy table, saying, "Starting the day by tackling the pain from the night before... On the Physio table."

ITV's Lorraine Kelly and Emily Atak were among those sending him their support.

"I just want to say Twitter can rightly be criticised . . .," Holmes said. "Yet here through sharing the common but not talked about experience of #ChronicPain we r giving each other support. Let's keep talking Tweeters.'