The motel that the Rose family called home on the multi-Emmy award-winning TV comedy series  Schitt's Creek is up for sale for $2m Canadian dollars.

The real-life Hockley Motel in the Canadian town of Mono, Ontario, became a near iconic location on the Canadian show, which ran for six seasons.

The series, which is now enjoying an afterlife on Netflix, was written by and starring Dan Levy and his father, Eugene, along with Annie Murphy and Catherine O’Hara, and followed the wealthy Rose family, who lost their fortune and were forced to start a new life in the rural town of Schitt’s Creek.

However, according to the real estate listing, the "Rosebud Motel" sign from the show is no longer on the 10-room motel, which is on 6.7 acres, about 90 minutes’ drive from Toronto.

The motel is now closed, although it has been a favourite tourist destination for fans of the show.

News of the sale of the motel comes two months after the mansion that featured as the Rose's repossessed home in the opening scenes of the first episode, was also put up for sale for $19m.

The mansion is in the upmarket St Andrews-Windfields neighbourhood of Toronto, and has 12 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, marble stairs, Sistine Chapel-inspired frescoes, and a carved limestone exterior.

As well as being a filming location for Schitt’s Creek, the house also featured in an episode of the Netflix superhero TV series The Umbrella Academy.