Rita Ora revealed she had a "Like A Prayer" moment when she met her "idol" Madonna. 

The 30-year-old singer, who is currently in Australia filming The Voice, told Jimmy Fallon about her first meeting with Madonna, which ended up with her kneeling on the floor. 

Ora said: "I had an amazing moment with her. Very awkward, but also very unbelievable. 

"She really just made me find my light and by doing that we had to kneel on the floor."

Ora added: "I thought it was Like A Prayer in real-life that was happening to me."

The Bang hitmaker also explained how she had to go into the bathroom to calm her nerves before meeting Madonna, who had come to visit because Ora was doing a campaign for her clothing line.

"I loved it and then I just couldn't breathe and [Madonna] was like, 'This is just not my light, let's get down,' and I thought, 'What? What's happening?' and so we did… whatever she says, we were going to do."

Fallon replied: "Well she's Madonna, the one and only."

Ora's new album, Bang, is available now

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