Stephen Fry has said he has tried to "forgive" himself for having bad days during the lockdown.

Speaking about looking after his mental health during lockdown the actor and TV presenter told the Travel Gay tourism website, saying there is "no getting lockdown right".

"I've tried to learn to forgive myself for days that aren’t good," he said.

"You know, there are days when I get up and I just can’t bring myself to work or to make that phone call or wash that saucepan."

Fry said he sometimes feels guilty about feeling down, adding: "I think, 'Come on Stephen, what’s the matter with you? You’re so fortunate’.

"‘You’ve got this nice house, you’ve got all these opportunities and so on, you’ve got nothing to complain about’."

He said there is "no right or wrong way" to get through the pandemic, adding: "Social media can be a nuisance here because you see how perfect the cakes are that other people bake.

"And how pretty and beautiful their gardens are. But actually, that’s the wrong thing to focus on."

He added: "Time will alter every week. Sometimes a day drags and sometimes it flashes by so fast that you feel embarrassed."