Speculation over who is and who isn't in the upcoming Sex and the City revival is mounting after actor Chris Noth hinted that his character Mr. Big may appear in the HBO Max reboot.

Following news that all Kim Cattrall will not be reprising her role as Samantha, gossip column Page Six claimed that Mr Big, the love interest of lead character Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie, wouldn't be back either.

There has been no confirmation either way but Noth has now hinted that he may very well return as the mysterious New York tycoon.

Responding to a fan who asked about the reports on Instagram, Noth said: "Everything changes - including announcements in the rags."

Another response from Noth poked fun at the reports, with the actor posting a winking emoji and saying, "Well if Page Six says it... it must be true."

SATC star David Eigenberg has also talked about the possibility of reprising his role as Steve.

"You know, we'll see what happens with that. I got to check in with some people about it and we'll see what happens. I don't have any answers on that," he said.

"You know, my time there was a beautiful time and I'm very lucky to have been a part of that and we'll just have to see what happens."