Something Happens frontman and broadcaster Tom Dunne has opened up about life-saving heart surgery, saying he has "a small bit of post traumatic stress around it".

The father of two discovered he had a heart murmur ten years ago and knew he had condition called a bicuspid valve and was aware that he would need surgery at some point in the future.

In October 2018, the 60-year-old Newstalk presenter was told that a pre-existing heart condition meant he had a 70% chance of dying within the next two years. 

Speaking about his recovery on The Ray D'Arcy Show RTÉ Radio1, he said: "It rattled me. I think I might have a small bit of post traumatic stress around it.

"I came out of hospital wanting to get rid of all of my possessions because I felt like when I'm gone other people will be going through them - so better if I get rid of them now.

"It is odd! I look at my vinyl and I think 'get rid of it' and put a small footprint in place, and that hasn't gone away."

He continued: "I find that the odd moment when the kids are being fantastic, it just goes through my head - 'this won't last' - and that's a little bit scary".

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