Brian O'Driscoll opened up on the simple joys of parenting while being interviewed by Tommy Tiernan on Saturday night. 

The former Irish rugby captain, who is married to Amy Huberman, recalled bringing two of his children camping in their front garden after his 7-year-old daughter Sadie "bullied me into it." 

"Kids don’t remember nice hotels or any of that stuff," O’Driscoll told Tiernan."They remember the friendships and the great times."

"When Amy was in having Ted, I was at home looking after the kids, and they asked if they could go glamping, and I said, 'no, we’re not going glamping, nowhere is open.’ 

"She’d heard of glamping but I don’t know if she knows what it is. Then she said, ‘Ok can we sleep in the car then’. I thought ‘oh no’ it happened to be the first of the freezing cold snaps."

But that didn’t stop him from improvising... 

"I put a mattress in the car in the afternoon, they basically bullied me into it. So at nine o’clock it was the three of us into the back of the car, it was brass monkeys it was so cold, the two of them nodded off to sleep and I couldn’t sleep," he remembered.

"At half ten, after about an hour... I’d to text the neighbours to turn the Christmas lights off... So we slept until about half ten, let them get into a deep sleep and then I put them up to bed." 

He added, "I told the two of them I was worried about the danger of the cold. It’s those little things that are great about parenthood."