One of the gardaí behind the Jerusalema Challenge video has said she and her colleagues want people to show off their best dance moves by creating their own videos in the safety of their bubbles at home.

Gardaí across Ireland took to roofs, beaches and bogs, and even got some four-legged officers involved, to record the dance-off video, after they were challenged by Swiss police.

Garda Mary Gardiner joined Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 on Tuesday to reflect on the video's success, and the happiness it has brought to people around the country and beyond.

"We wanted to show our own culture and our own heritage and our own absolutely beautiful countryside," she said.

"As you see in the video, there's some fabulous locations. We've a gorgeous country. We've a lovely country, and it's lovely the way it's shown off in the video." 

"I was very happy when I saw it and, as I said to you, really relieved when it went up that Mary Gardiner and the lads hadn't lost their mind!" Garda Gardiner laughed. 

"What we're asking people to do is... we want them to show us their best dance moves by creating their own video at home in their sitting room, or their kitchen, even in the attic - but just make sure they stay in their bubbles and just to stay in compliance."  

"Give it a go, tag us #GardaJerusalema - and maybe yourself, Ray, you might take up the challenge!" Garda Gardiner added.