Myleene Klass has said her knee injury sustained while training for her debut on Dancing on Ice is "very painful but just not very sexy".

The 42-year-old musician and presenter said she felt like "the tin man" from The Wizard of Oz and is struggling to get out of bed in the mornings after tearing her meniscus, a piece of cartilage in the knee.

The 42-year-old, who is paired with professional skater Lukasz Rozycki, said: "I feel almost embarrassed by my injury because it is not a very sexy injury. I feel like a nana."

Myleen Klass will make her skating debut this weekend

Speaking about fellow competitor Graham Bell, a former Olympic skier, she added: "Graham is an expert in these things and he is going to have a two-metre chat with me later.

"It is a meniscus injury that is very painful but just not very sexy when you say your knees have gone.

"It happened from learning to dance on ice - no easy feat. It really isn't. Here is the thing, on land I think I am quite stable.

"I feel like I can do my turns, I can get my counts to the music and then as soon as you remove the land and replace it with a very slippery surface it just does all manner of things to your joints.

"I said I am like the tin man. Every morning I have to wake up and oil and manipulate and move things before I can even think about getting out of bed.

"I thought it was going to make me feel like I was 16 again but it is making me feel like I am 116.

"But there are two Olympians here who are like, 'Do you know what? Suck it up. We feel like this every single day, love'."

Klass, who has three children, also said the programme was a welcome distraction for both her and her family during lockdown.

"Family life at the moment is a lot and my children asking me about fronted adverbials and doing fractions," she said.

"Literally I would rather go on the ice and do a headbanger than take on fractions.

"It couldn't have come at a better time. I think the light relief it provides, my kids get excited, they want to see the costumes, they want to know what everyone else is dancing to.

Dancing On Ice airs at 6pm on Sundays on Virgin Media One