Singer-songwriter Lyra has revealed that she wrote her hit track Falling after she discovered a guy she thought she was dating was still swiping right. 

Lyra, who hails from Bandon in Co Cork, told RTÉ One's Today Show that instead of feeling sad when she found out that a guy she had gone on date with was still on Tinder, she put pen to paper and wrote the critically acclaimed song Falling. The song was such a huge success that it even featured on an episode of Grey's Anatomy and Love Island. 

She said: "One shift in and I thought we were getting married! He obviously didn't because my friends found him on Tinder swiping away. And I was like 'O my Holy Moses mortified!'

"So I decided to write this song instead of being like O my God... I decided to write something a bit sexier. 

"And that's how Falling came about."

That's one way to turn a dating mishap on its head. 

Lyra also told presenters Sinead Kennedy and Dáithí Ó Sé that the late Cranberries star Dolores O'Riordan inspired her to always be herself. 

She said: "I wouldn't last two seconds if I was trying to be someone else.

"This is me. This is how I speak. This is how I sing. This is how I write songs. This is how I look. 

"I like having my a*** hanging out of see-through dresses. I just do. 

"I think being unique is true."

Lyra's new single New Day is out now.