Graham Norton has said that the "bonus" of him quitting Radio 2 is that he will no longer be included on the BBC's list of its top earners.

The Cork-born presenter told Times Radio he "didn't like" being included on the list of the corporation's best paid stars.

Figures released in September showed Norton was among the top earners at the broadcaster and that he received about £725,000 (around €800,000) for his Radio 2 show and some TV work, but that figure did not include his BBC One TV chat show.

In November, he revealed he would be heading to Virgin Radio days after announcing he was to quitting Radio 2.

He told Times Radio: "The only thing that was part of the decision was oh, if I stopped doing this, I'll get off that list.

Graham with Claudia Winkleman, who will replace him on BBC Radio 2

"I won't be on that list anymore. The kind of high earners list, which I didn't like being on it, hey, now I'm not.

"So to that extent it made me go . . . but that was sort of a bonus of leaving, it wasn't the biggest driving force."

Norton joined BBC Radio 2 in 2010 to host the 10am-1pm slot on Saturdays, taking over from Jonathan Ross.

When he announced where he was heading after quitting Radio 2, Norton said he was "excited and a little surprise to be joining Virgin Radio UK in 2021".

He added: "I was very content where I was but the opportunity to host shows across the weekend seemed too good to miss out on.

"Plus the energy and enthusiasm at Virgin Radio are infectious and I can't wait to get started!"

Claudia Winkleman will be taking over Norton's BBC Radio 2 slot.